How to Reset Forgotten User/Root Password on Ubuntu Linux 20.04 (LTS)


*In memory of my dearest father

I’ve been fighting Covid Virus and treatment for a while, and then, as if that wasn’t enough, I’ve lost my father because of Cancer last-week…

I think the best way to get out of these difficult days psychologically is to write something. I decided to do this as I always do.

Broken souls needs time to heal. It will get better over-time.

Life goes on, be Strong…


I’ve been seeing this problem for a while that everybody has experienced same problem. Yes, there are many solutions were obtained on it but it was not very clear for sure !

After that I said to myself 🙄 how can you do this in the Fastest and Easiest way ? 😉

Step 1

First, you must restart your Ubuntu Linux Desktop or Ubuntu Linux Server.

Step 2

You must access the GRUB Menu before the kernel can fully return to Boot.

Note: For this, if you are using a “Server” or “Notebook” such as Lenovo, IBM, Dell or Cisco, just hold the button “ESC” or “F1” into drop-down GRUB Interface.

Step 3

Select “Advanced options for Ubuntu” in the picture below.

Step 4

Select the example entry as the follows below and press “Enter” for the next part.

Ubuntu, with Linux 5.4.0–26-generic (Recovery Mode)

Step 5

You will now have access to Recovery Mode, which is prepared for Ubuntu Linux.

Scroll-down and select “Root” for the shell prompt as the follows picture.

Note: Dont forget that this section has pre-configured “Read-Only” by default. That’s whyStep 6 you must have “Write/Read” permission in Linux in Recovery Mode.

Step 6

Ubuntu will ask you for confirmation to enter Maintenance Mode as the follow picture

Step 7

Run the following commands step-by-step after you drop into Maintenance Mode with Linux Shell Prompt.

root@kceliker-redhat:/keremceliker# mount -rw -o remount /

root@kceliker-redhat:/keremceliker# ls /home

**Check which user to be reset as following above command.

Step 8

Run the following commands with the user you have decided

root@kceliker-redhat:/keremceliker# passwd Lebron

Finally, you will see that the password updated successfully in shell.

Step 9

You have now reset the password and now return to recovery tab to complete the process.

root@kceliker-redhat:/keremceliker# exit

(You will see turn back to Recovery Tab Interface again)

Select the “Resume” and press “Enter”

(Ubuntu Linux will be reboot again)

Step 10

Voila ! Now you can login with your new password ! :)

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